Cross Platform

Our app can be used by anyone. Teams can log in together and share resources while individuals can view all their resources. You can create a network for your co-workers and delegate tasks in your finger tips.

real time data

Our app gives real time data of how your bin is peforming. you can view a breakdown of bin content and you can see prediction of when your bin will be full. you can see how much of environmental data your bins give. You can set all this data to be private or public to help save the planet. You can also see how public bins are perfoming across cities and workplaces.

monitor, control, observe

Our bins automatically decide when to get picked up and automatically hail for collection. You can control this. Want to go on holiday? No problem. Just schedule a pick up and it will be done exactly when you want it to be done. If you are at work and do not want to get up to go to the bin while you concentrate, no problem. Use our app to get the bin to you. Waste managers can control how bins move and behave using our app. Individuals can call bins to move to them anywhere.


In our app we are intergrating special features to help policy makers come up with better environmental policy using our real time data. But we are also giving access to the general public by intergrating our real time data to popular services such as Google maps and Transport for London data. You can plan a journey for example using our data to avoid the noise and the air pollution.