Our bins are fully Autonomous(Self Driving) and can deploy themselves outdoors for example around Cities and Industrial sites. We are working tirelessly to develop our model which can navigate indoors such as hospitals, offices and your home.​

Waste Processing

Our bins can recognise waste and give feedback of your waste usage. We do not collect personal data. Our bins have an option to separate waste for our larger models. Our bins can compress waste to give 3 times more than the traditional bin.

Environmental Data

In real-time, we collect environmental data using sensors on board for our outdoor models. Data is also available to policy makers and the public in real time. Data includes city noise levels, air quality data and green house gas levels.

Sustainable Energy

Our bins are 100% self sufficient. Our outdoor models are solar powered with long lasting battery. Our indoor models have recharge themselves at our solar docking stations or even navigate themselves to the sun to self charge.